Healthy dips for chips that will brighten up your day

We have all been there when we crave something to eat during the midday but we are worried that it might disturb our diet plan. But don’t worry anymore we have got you covered. We will tell you about some low in calorie dips and snacks that can be eaten at any time of the day. The fibrous snacks that will keep you full for a longer time by not letting your diet cycle get disturbed. Pair up the delicious dip with freshly baked chips or bread which will satisfy all your hunger pangs immediately. The low in calorie dips for chips are fun to eat without adding any ounce of fat. These snacks are ideal for all the gym goers as it provide them with a healthier snack option before an intense workout.


  1. Garlic Dip:

Garlic dip is one of the low in calorie snack when paired up with chips or nachos. The roasted garlic when blended with other ingredients like yogurt gives you a rich cream based dip which is really low in calorie or instead of yogurt add low fat cheese in the mix and give yourself a treat.

  1. Freshly baked pita bread:

The freshly baked pita bread gives you healthy and nutritious bread. This bread can be used with almost anything and especially with all the dips. Use the dips as a spread and add your own protein to it and make a healthier sandwich to munch on while at work.

  1. Olive hummus:

Made from the rich blend of chickpeas, olives, salt and lemon juice the olive hummus is nutritious as well as delectable. Eat the delectable dip with chips for your munching and keep your hunger pangs satisfied.

  1. Basil Pesto:

The pesto contains olive, pine nuts and the aromatic herb basil. The healthy basil pesto made from all these ingredients will give you a delicious and healthy sauce. This sauce is ideal for all the gym goers and people of all ages. It keeps away the diseases and keeps your heart healthy.

  1. Salsa Dip:

The delicious blend of tomatoes then tossed in olive oil gives you a delicious and a very healthy salsa dip. You can also garnish the sauce with fresh vegetables making it more delectable. Pair up your daily munchies freshly baked chips with the spicy and sweet salsa dip.


Signature dips by Wingreens Farms that will brighten up your day

Made from the fresh produce grown organically in the farms of wingreens farms they bring you an assortment of signature dips that will surely leave you craving for more. The low in calorie dip are healthy, flavourful and nutritious. They are a perfect partner for your daily diet plans. The healthy dips will keep you strong and energised throughout the day. They add a burst of flavour to your meals making them more nutritious and adding life to otherwise boring dishes. Being healthy does not mean that you cannot have your favourite dips, you can have them and in a much more nutritious way. Wingreens farms bring you handcrafted and made from all the fresh ingredients the delicious dips.

  1. Original Olive hummus:

Made from the fresh olives and chickpeas blend the original olive hummus is not only flavourful but is also nutritious. The rich blend of olives, chickpeas, salt and lemon juice gives you a nutritious and low in calorie that can be paired up with literally anything. The delicious sauce is made freshly at wingreens farms.

Original Olive Hummus

  1. Basil pesto:

Basil pesto the original and aromatic healthy dip by wingreens farms offers you a lot of health benefits. This pesto is rich in vitamins and minerals like iron and manganese. You can add this delicious dip literally to anything like pizza, pasta, burgers and salads.

Basil Pesto

  1.  Garlic dip:

Garlic dip made from fresh garlic, this dip extremely low in fat and is curd based. There are various known benefits of garlic like it reduces blood pressure, protect the heart from various diseases, fight many allergies and help treat skin infections. Include this flavourful dip in your meal and avail all the health benefits.

garlic dip recipe

  1. Peri peri salsa dip:

This spicy and hot flavoured dip will not only keep your taste buds wanting for more but is ideal for all your diet plans. This healthy dip will leave you craving for more. It is made freshly at wingreens farms and provides you with health but in a delectable way.

Peri Peri Salsa

  1. Chipotle dip:

This flavourful dip will surely be your next obsession. This is everything that you have always wanted in your sandwich or a dip for your chips. Enjoy this delectable dip with literally anything like use it as a dressing in a salad or make a delicious breakfast sandwich.

Chipotle dips


How to Make the Cheese Dip Easily in Just 10 Minutes?

The cream cheese dips is everything you have ever dreamed of its easy, quick and supremely delicious. This dip is the perfect accompaniment for the chips which will satisfy your hunger cravings.  You will only need four ingredients and you can make a scrumptious cheese dip that will be the star of all your parties. It will literally take you 5 minutes to make this delicious sauce and then just enjoy the deliciousness. This recipe will leave craving for more of this cheese dip and you will be tempted to make this batch every time. As I write this I am tempted to make one batch myself.

You can experiment with the spices and make your version of the cheese dip. I like to add a little bit of chilli to the dip so as to get the rich flavour of cheese combined with the spices.

How to make the delectable cheese dip?


  1.    4 cups of cheddar cheese
  2.    2 tablespoon butter
  3.    2 tablespoon flour
  4.    1 cup whole milk
  5.    ¼ tablespoon salt
  6.    ¼ tablespoon chili powder


  1.   Add the butter and flour to a small pan. Heat and continuously whisk the butter and flour together. Continue to cook and whisk the mixture for 1 minute.
  2.   Add the milk to the mix and whisk the three ingredients together. Let the mixture thicken up a little on the medium heat.
  3.   Stir it in the cheese on a low flame. Do not overheat the sauce.
  4.   Once all the cheese is properly melted into the sauce add salt and chilli powder to the sauce.
  5.   If you think the sauce has become too thick then adds a little milk and stirs it again for a while.

In just 5 minutes the delicious and scrumptious cheese dip is ready. Let the sauce cool for 5-10 minutes. Serve it with a variety of chips, freshly baked pita chips or make a delicious sandwich to go with it.

The cheese dip is one of my favourite dips. Although it is not that healthy but is really flavourful and I enjoy every batch I make. This cheese dip is a great hit for any parties and can also be served to guest in no time if they come unannounced.

How Hummus Can Help You Lose Weight

Hummus is the classic recipe of chickpeas, olive oil, garlic and tahini. Wingreensfarms hummus dips are the homemade hummus that can help you lose your weight.

Hummus, the classic recipe of chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, salt, lemon juice and tahini, had its roots in the Middle East. It is fast gaining popularity as those who include it in their daily diet have a fit body and overall healthy lifestyle. Those who consume it have waists that are on an average, eight percent smaller than the waists of people who don’t eat this dip. One should know how this Middle Eastern delicacy can you help you to lose weight.

Classic Hummus

Low calorie substitute – A dollop of Original Olive Hummus is 27 calories whereas a tablespoon of mayonnaise is well above 90 calories. It’s the perfect substitute that can be spread on sandwiches, dipped with cucumbers and carrots, and can even be used as a healthy salad dressing. Wingreens Hummus dips are so rich in protein; they can curb excessive snacking and even motivate you to hit the gym! The goodness of olive oil and relatively low amount of sodium makes this snack low in cholesterol and ideal to munch on with multigrain flatbreads.

Rich in nutrients – The average dietary fiber content in hummus can range anywhere from 1 to 2 grams per serving. Hummus also contains a lot of other crucial nutrients, most of which come from the tahini. It has a high content of minerals like Copper, Manganese, Calcium, Sodium and Iron. It thereby helps in making your bones stronger. Hummus also contains about 20 essential Amino Acids, making it a calorie-worthy choice.

Keeps you full – Hummus is a great source of protein and fiber, and adding it to your daily diet will give your body sustained energy for your workouts. It can also be the ideal midday snack when you want to avoid the 3 p.m. lull. A study found that people who ate more chickpeas ended up eating more fiber and low -fat foods and ended up losing more weight because of it. Wingreens Hummus dips are the perfect blend between India and the Middle East. It can be paired with pita bread or even a naan, and this dip is sure to leave you amazed.

You can serve olive or tandoori hummus with cucumber and carrot sticks, and you’ll get more nutrition without adding as many calories as bread, chips or even crackers. Because of the nutrients in hummus, it may help in controlling your blood sugar levels. It’s also high in protein which helps you feel fuller for longer. You can use this effect to fight food cravings and even motivate yourself to lose more weight! Chickpeas also contain large amounts of antioxidants that helps reduce the oxidant damage in our bodies, thereby contributing to overall good health. Wingreens wide ranges of flavored hummus are your ideal dips that are delicious, yet extremely healthy!

Need a healthier snack to satisfy your hunger pangs? 5 reasons to try Wingreens Heart healthy dips that will surely keep you happy.

Hummus is one of the widely popular dips replacing the ketchup in kitchen these days. Offering a myriad of health benefits hummus is a healthy dip which is a great appetizer for all your parties. Wingreens offers you a myriad of healthy dips which is perfectly paired with baked pita breads. Hummus and other dips at wingreens farms are healthy and is powerhouse of nutrition. Try the delectable range of dips for chips at wingreens farms and keep your heart healthy.

  1.       Original olive hummus:

The original olive hummus is one of the best dip by wingreens farms offering a variety of nutritional health benefits. This natural blend of chickpeas, olives, lemon juice and salt adds a little tangy flavour to your dishes. This classic mix of chickpeas and olives will provide you with all the health benefits you need without putting you on a strict diet. Start your day with the freshness of this dip and add a burst of energy to your day.

Original Olive Hummus


  1.       The garlic dip:

One of the most delectable dip of the wingreens farms is the garlic dip. With the rich creamy texture it offers you a soothing and burst of flavour. This healthy dip is an ideal healthier alternative for those who are looking for midday snacks. The garlic dip with the nutritious mix of ingredients will leave your mouth watering for more.

garlic dip recipe


  1.       Basil pesto:

With the herby benefits of basil this basil pesto dip is one the bestsellers of Wingreens Farms. The basil which is one of the main ingredients of this delicious and healthy dip offers a myriad of health benefits. Basil traditionally is being used as a treatment for various diseases. This succulent dip also offers the same benefits but with added benefit of a delicious taste.

Basil Pesto


  1.       Peri peri salsa:

Add a little spice to your dishes with the wingreens farms peri peri salsa. This dip offers you a twist of taste with its spicy and sweet flavour. The best dip when paired with nachos is an ideal party appetizer. This dip is low in calorie and made from fresh vegetables which are beneficial for your health.

Peri Peri Salsa


  1.       Peri peri garlic dip:

When craving for something spicy, garlicky and fiery but which does not add a lot of calories, wingreens got you covered. The assortment of best dips here are low in calorie and offer a myriad of health benefits. The peri peri garlic dip made with curd, chilli peppers and garlic is absolutely fresh and is bursting of flavour. Get a taste of this flavourful dip which is absolutely healthy and a perfect partner for all the gym enthusiasts. The added benefits of this healthy dip apart from offering a delectable tasteare definitely an added bonus for all of us.

peri peri garlic dip


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Wingreensfarms dips are very crispy and healthy. They are homemade fresh dips for an ultimate taste. Wingreensfarms is an online store for dips for chips, homemade peanut butter, hummus, salsa, sauces and much more dips.


Wingreens creamy, zingy, garlicky,  cheese dips for chips with nachos is something you cannot miss! It’s well seasoned and strongly flavoured jalapenos mixed with rich cheese, making it one of Wingreens best sellers! Team it with nachos, crackers or chips to enjoy .this one of a kind dip. Try this spread today!

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Wingreens Olive Hummus Recipe

Original Olive Hummus

Delicious dips often translate into extra calories that can blow your diet before you know it. However, Wingreens Olive hummus is rich in nutrients, vegan friendly and high in protein. Pair it with whole wheat pita crisps and you’ve got yourself a delicious yet healthy snack. The green olives simply extend the olive oil flavor and is incredibly tasty.